Temple Israel

600 New Scotland Avenue

Albany, New York 12208


Who We Are

Through a combination of award winning programming, enlightening worship, dynamic lectures, and exciting social events, members of the Temple Israel community join together in unique and wonderful ways.  By emphasizing community, tradition, and Tikkun Olam, Temple Israel has created an atmosphere in which those of all ages can feel engaged and active, and where visitors and guests are always welcome.

Board of Directors 2016-2017


Samuel P. Morris, President

Robert Crystal, Executive Vice President

Karen B. Shulman Vice President

Alvin Goldman, CPA, Vice President

Gary K. Ginsburg Vice President

Miriam R. Adler, Treasurer

Nancy D. Bell Secretary

Board of Trustees

Steven Ainspan

Ross Andersen

Joseph Basloe

Selig Corman

Les Fisher

Sharon Flom

Joe Ford

Linda R.S. Ginsburg

Paul Goldberg

Lenny Goodkin

Shelley Justa

Sarah Katz

Jodi Kovach

Amy Krenzel

Marcia Rosenberg

Gail Sacco

Wendy Schaffer

Eric Schwartz

Deborah Stayman

Committee Chairs

Adult Education          College Outreach             Men’s Club

Dr. Steven Huz           Wendy Shaffer                 Gary Ginsburg


Cultural Arts                         House and Grounds

Stacy Cohen                        Paul Goldberg

Bingo                         Dance                  Religious Affairs            Investment

Audrey Ellowitz         Gail Sacco            Bob Gottheim               David Ginsburg

Eric Schwartz

Harold Rockowitz

Education                  Scholarship               Kiddush                       Cemetery

Beth Levine               Ellen Schwartz          Marcia Rosenberg      Jonathan Carp

Finance                     Social Action                  Membership                

Selig Corman            Amy Krenzel                  Linda R. S. Ginsburg


Youth Commission       Fundraising                     Sunshine Visits

Paul Rudnick                Karen B. Shulman          Les Fisher

Temple Israel Mission Statement

The synagogue is a Beit Knesset (House of Assembly), a Beit Tefillah (House of Prayer) and a Beit Hamidrash (House of Study). The goal of our congregation, therefore, shall be to establish and maintain our synagogue through educational, religious, social and recreational activities which further the causes and objectives of Judaism, the Jewish people, and the State of Israel.

More than any other institution, the synagogue ensures the continuity of Judaism by facilitating the interaction of all generations and reinforcing the reality of the Jewish people as an extended family.

Therefore, among the activities which we must provide for our members are prayer services, celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holy days, study programs for both children and adults, life cycle ceremonies, the teaching of moral and ethical behavior based on biblical and rabbinic values, support for members in times of need, and concern for the larger community in which we live.